CTF-EvilWalkers4 Map for Unreal Tournament 3

Download CTF-EvilWalkers4.zip (22.8 Mb)
Download VCTF-EvilWalkers.zip (22.8 Mb)

This is a later, viler version of Doctor Evil’s map CTF-EvilWalkers1 for Unreal Tournament 3.   To the basic design of three big rooms with a flag base at each end, the following features have been added.

There are now three dark walkers in each base, two of them unlocked, for the benefit of those sadists who just can’t get enough of dark walkers.   In an attempt to spice things up, teleporters between the floor and the gallery have been added in each base.   These teleporters will swallow vehicles as well as bots - even the giant dark walkers.   On the lower right corner of this screenshot, through the portal one can see a dark walker firing.

A red bot is lumbering home with the blue flag.

Two other dark walkers are on the left, one of them upstairs on the gallery.   In order to swallow dark walkers, the collision volumes of the teleporters have to be extended as far below the teleporter as the behemoth towers above it.   The white rings alert players to the downward extension of the teleporter.   Unfortunately, Doctor Evil has failed utterly to find a way to kick bots up immediately after teleportation.   If you are not in a vehicle, then you must jump just as you pass through, in order to avoid a painful fall to the floor. The bots often get lost in the red base, thanks to these portals.

Another addition is the large distinctive banner above each flag, which helps to locate the flag bases from a distance.

A red bot has lots of help from teammates
 as it steals the blue flag.

Also note the addition of doors that guard the exits from the spawn chambers.   The doors can be opened only from inside, which allows a small measure of protection to newly spawned bots.   However these doors are not only Evil, they are also loud and very rude.   Ye have been duly warned.

The lights near each end of the twisted tunnel only light up as a bot draws near to those lights.   A tweak in the path nodes has encouraged bots to explore the twisted tunnel much more often.   Here we see, through the transparent floor of the central chamber, a blue player escaping with the red flag.

View from a dark walker down to the twisted tunnel

In the central plaza two lifts have been added.   On one side is a standard lift that bots can use by just standing on it.   On the other side is a lift that can carry vehicles and that can be summoned from either level.   Here we see an annoyed dark walker using the lift to go up to the gallery.

Screenshot of a dark walker riding on the lift

There are up and down arrows on the lift itself that are activated by being near them.   Shooting the arrow on the floor with certain types of weapons (enforcer, shock rifle main fire, stinger, dark walker main fire, etc.) will summon the lift down from upstairs.   A similar arrow on the gallery, when shot with the right weapon, will summon the lift up from below.   In order to achieve this effect, Doctor Evil had to learn more than he wanted about the powerful Kismet feature of the UT3 editor!

Kismet sequence for the vehicle lift

The only difference between the CTF and VCTF versions is that the translocator is replaced by the hoverboard, which improves slightly the probability of achieving a flag capture.


Unzip the file CTF-EvilWalkers4.zip (and/or the file VCTF-EvilWalkers.zip) and place all three files in

My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps
If the directory doesn’t exist, then you will have to create it manually.

Screenshot of a celebrating bot
“I surrender!” says Doctor Evil ...

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