CTF-EvilWalkers1 Map for Unreal Tournament 3

Download CTF-EvilWalkers1.Zip (21.1 Mb)

This is Doctor Evil’s second attempt at a CTF map for Unreal Tournament 3.   Like CTF-EvilTest1, the basic design is three big rooms with a flag base at each end.   Two dark walkers have been added in each flag base, one locked for the defending team’s use only, while the other is unlocked.   Bots do take these behemoths up the ramps onto the gallery around the central plaza.

Screenshot of a dark walker firing down 
   into the central plaza

Some concession has been made to the usual twisted geometry so beloved by the degenerate Doctor.   The tunnel is even more twisted than in the first map, to the point where bots rarely venture into it, despite the many goodies available in there.

Screenshot of the twisted tunnel

In the central plaza there is a glass floor that allows one to spy down on the central section of the twisted tunnel.

Screenshot of a dark walker firing down 
   into the central plaza, near the glass floor

The music is “Dark City”, shamelessly taken from the excellent movie of the same name.

The unmistakably colour-coded blue spawn chamber
Screenshot of a blue spawn chamber


Unzip the file CTF-EvilWalkers1.Zip and place all three files in

My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps
If the directory doesn’t exist, then you will have to create it manually.

Screenshot of a celebrating bot
“I surrender!” says Doctor Evil ...

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