Doctor Evil’s Concussion Rifle Mutator
for Unreal Tournament 2004

This is Doctor Evil’s first attempt to create a mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004.

Concussion Rifle Mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004

Author:   Doctor Evil (, 2004 05 28, 
------    but inspired by a video training module on disk 2 of the 
          DVD version of UT2004 (

Effect:   Replaces the shock rifle.
------    There is no change to the appearance of the rifle
          or to the alt fire function.

          Only the main fire is changed.
          Damage is reduced to only 5 units, but 
          the victim is flung 16 times further away than usual.

          However, warp portals do seem to slow a victim down.

          It can be entertaining to see a hapless bot flicked 
          away to the other end of a map or forced way up high 
          on a wall.   Repeated hits can force a victim so high 
          up a wall that the resulting fall is fatal.

Installation instructions: 

Copy the file "ConcussionRifle.u"   to the  UT2004\System\  directory
Copy the file "" to the  UT2004\System\  directory

Edit the file "UT2004\System\UT2004.ini":
Find the block of "Serverpackages=..." statements and insert 

The shock rifle should then be replaced by the concussion rifle 
at weapon bases, but not at weapon lockers.

If you wish to know the gory details of the creation of the Concussion Rifle mutator, then those details are available here.

Doctor Evil has also created a test map, with plenty of concussion rifles and other weapons scattered throughout it.   This test map is available in a separate zip file of size 0.24 Mb, containing just the map and a standard plain-text readme file.

Screenshot from VCTF-ConcussTest3

Doctor Evil has extended the test map for the concussion rifle into a VehicleCTF map.   The map is overloaded with super-weapons (redeemers, ion painters, ion plasma tanks), which do tend to shorten a player’s life span.   Escape from the blue flag base (inside the blue pyramid) while stealing the blue flag is especially difficult.   The lighting is none too good either.   You have been duly warned ...

A zip file for the full package and separate zip files for the separate components are offered here:

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2008028.

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