VCTF-EvilSkyCity - an Evil Map for UT 2004

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Screenshot of new map, 

Installation instructions from the file Help\EvilSkyCityReadMe.txt:

Unzip to your main UT2004 directory (usually "c:\UT2004")
and the files should be unzipped automatically in the correct 


Help\EvilSkyCityReadMe.txt     - this help file

Maps\VCTF-EvilSkyCity.ut2      - the Vehicle-Capture-The-Flag map

Music\DarkCity.ogg             - music used in the VCTF map

StaticMeshes\EvilRoads2.usx    - static mesh package
StaticMeshes\EvilTemple.usx    - static mesh package

Textures\Crusader.utx          - texture package 
Textures\EvilRoads1.utx        - texture package 
Textures\EvilTemple.utx        - texture package 

This map evolved gradually as the degenerate Doctor struggled to learn the various features of Unreal Editor 3.0, (static meshes, elevators, ladder volumes, physics volumes, vehicle Capture The Flag, emitters, etc.).

Floating in the clouds, far above some distant city, are two citadels, connected by a pair of highways.

View from the Blue Base, 

On the wide central highway, one can drive up and down the steep slope, or one can stay on foot and use the jump pads to fly along the highway.   At each end, the long drive to the flag base can be avoided by going on foot down a white staircase and using the warp portal shortcut to the base instead.

Note:   vehicles cannot pass through warp portals.

Each team has access to several scorpions, one hellbender, one goliath tank and, on the narrow high road crossing the centre of the map, a raptor and a distant leviathan.

The main highway is bordered by guard rails, which often keep an errant vehicle from driving off the edge.   Beware:   the bots are terrible drivers!

View from the Central Highway, towards the Red Base, 

The alternate route into each base is rarely visited by bots and includes a leviathan at each corner. The alternate route is much narrower and has no guard rails.

The ends of the alternate routes nearest each flag base are so steep that only a scorpion at full speed can drive up them.   Occasionally a vehicle will become embedded in the steepest section of roadway, stuck so thoroughly that even ejection from the vehicle is impossible.

The highways are static meshes, underlaid with additive brushes, to stop raptors from flying right through them, or worse, other vehicles from falling through them.

The first order of business for any human player should be to take control of the turrets at the flag base.   They will fire on friend and foe alike until someone steps into their control stations (or until they are destroyed).   Left to themselves, the bots make short work of destroying their own base’s turrets.

At the red base, the control stations are hidden in a tunnel at the second highest level, just under the flag.   At the blue base, the control stations are right by the turrets.   Take a look around each base for the various weapons supplies.

The bots are generally quite good at defending the flag.   Drive carefully!

Download   (8.69 MB)

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