CTF4-EvilSky and BR4-EvilSky: Evil Maps for UT 2004

Download EvilSky.zip   (3.50 MB)

Blue Bender fights Gold and Red Skaarj for 
  possession of the Green ball in BR4-EvilSky

Note that you will need the game modes BR4 (4-team bombing run) and CTF4 (4-team capture-the-flag) installed with your UT 2004.   The necessary files can be downloaded in zip format here:
CTF4 (218 MB, includes several maps)
BR4 (17.3 MB)
or at the BR4 site.

Installation instructions from the file Help\EvilSky.txt:

Unzip to your main UT2004 directory (usually "c:\UT2004")
and the files should be unzipped automatically in the correct 


Help\EvilSky.txt              - this help file

Maps\BR4-EvilSky.ut2          - the Four-Team Bombing Run map
Maps\CTF4-EvilSky.ut2         - the Four-Team Capture-The-Flag map

Music\WonderfulLand.ogg       - music used in the two maps

StaticMeshes\EvilRoads2.usx   - static mesh package

System\BR4-EvilSky.ucl        - BR4 map description
System\ConcussionRifle.u      - concussion rifle mutator
System\ConcussionRifle.int    - concussion rifle mutator
System\CTF4-EvilSky.ucl       - CTF4 map description

Textures\EvilRoads1.utx       - texture package 

Floating in the clouds, far above some distant city, are four flag bases, connected by pairs of highways.

One can take the high road, aided by jump pads, to the central “Nosebleed Crossroads”, way up high. Each of the four teams has one spawn point near the crossroads.   In the bombing run version, one of the two balls (or two of the four team-specific balls) spawns on the Nosebleed Crossroads.

There is obvious colour coding on the jump pads, to show the way to each base.   Doctor Evil is English, (not Belgian after all), so you must “drive on the left” ...
[On each highway, the forward-directed jump pads are always on the left edge of the road as you look at the road.]

Or one can take the low road.   It soon broadens out into a very wide highway, protected by guard rails.   Near each base is a one-way teleporter pad to the central plaza, where the four broad lower highways meet (and, in the bombing run map, where the other ball spawns).   A sequence of colour coded jump pads leads back from there to each base.

Most of the bots’ spawn points are near the respective flag bases (or bombing run goals) at the extreme ends of the four highways.

The concussion rifle (replacing the shock rifle) is a particularly effective weapon in this map.   It deals only 5 units of direct damage, but it flings its victim some 16 times further away than the regular shock rifle does.   A direct hit is enough to throw a victim completely off the highways.

If you find yourself flying through the air in this way, then aim for one of the four ponds of salvation that float some way below the highways.   If you fall into a pond, then it will instantly transport you to just above the central crossroads of the four high roads.   If you miss the ponds, then your fall from the skies will prove fatal in short order.

In play, you can locate your teammates easily.   Extensive location information is provided throughout this map, (using volumes rather than zones).

There seems to be a fair balance between attack and defence in this map, to judge by bots-only play, despite the presence of a superweapon (redeemer) just in front of each flag base or bombing run goal.

Ak Ak the Red Martian follows Flatulent Freddy home with the Gold flag


Red Bender does battle with the Blue Professor Farnsworth at the Nosebleed Crossroads


Blue Bender battles Skaarj from the Red and Gold teams for possession of the Green ball in the Central Plaza.

Download EvilSky.zip   (3.50 MB)

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