CTF4-Escher: An Evil Map for UT 2004

Download CTF4-Escher.zip   (8.26 MB)

Download CTF4-EvilCylinder.zip   (0.35 MB);
(a simpler map with all four flag bases on the walls of the cylinder).

Screenshot of central cylinder
[The gold base is directly above the green base]

Note that you will need the game mode CTF4 (4-team capture-the-flag) installed with your UT 2004.   The necessary files can be found at Apartment167.

Installation instructions from the file Help\CTF4-Escher.txt:

Unzip to your main UT2004 directory (usually "c:\UT2004")
and the files should be unzipped automatically in the correct 


Help/CTF4-Escher.txt          - this help file

Maps/CTF4-Escher.ut2          - the Four-Team Capture-The-Flag map
Maps/CTF4-EscherBeta.ut2      - the even more confusing CTF4 map

System/ConcussionRifle.u      - concussion rifle mutator
System/ConcussionRifle.int    - concussion rifle mutator
System/CTF4-Escher.ucl        - CTF4 map description
System/CTF4-EscherBeta.ucl    - CTF4 other map description

Textures/cf-mansion.utx       - texture package 
Textures/Crusader.utx         - texture package 
Textures/Escher.utx           - texture package 

This map is a continuing tribute to the artistic genius of Maurits Cornelis Escher.   There is some very seriously twisted Evil geometry in this map.

In the red base, it looks like there are four red flags.   Thanks to the massive abuse of warp portals, there is really only one red flag!

At the opposite end of the map, the blue flag is on the upper gallery of an infinitely long corridor.   A side entrance on the main floor leads to a small room of confusion, whose three other exits lead to widely separated parts of the upper gallery.

Between the red and blue bases is the massive cylinder.   One can walk all the way around it.   In the middle screenshot, the green flagbase is on the left wall, the gold flag base is on the right wall and bots are engaged in firefights all over the cylinder, even on the ceiling.   When you are at either the green or gold bases, the other base seems to be hanging upsidedown directly above you!

In order to get this map out on the web, not much thought has gone into textures or lighting.   Occasionally warp portals hide parts of the map that you should be able to see and reveal other parts that should be hidden, especially in the red flag base.

In the course of working with the fragile warp portals, Doctor Evil stumbled upon an even more confusing geometry for the giant cylinder, which is included as the map CTF4-EscherBeta.

This is just too confusing, even for the Degenerate Doctor!
The very distorted giant cylinder in CTF4-EscherBeta

You can shoot yourself in here ...
Hey guys ... which one is the real red flag?
They all are!


See the distant battles on both walls and the ceiling!
Green and gold bases are on opposite sides of the giant cylinder


Farnsworth peers at infinity and beyond ...
The blue flag base is in an infinitely long corridor

Download CTF4-Escher.zip   (8.26 MB)

Download CTF4-EvilCylinder.zip   (0.35 MB);
(a simpler map with all four flag bases on the walls of the cylinder).

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2008028.

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