CTF-Escher2: An Evil Map for UT 2004

Download CTF-Escher2.zip   (9.0 MB)

Screenshot of red base with multiple flags
[Everything appears four times in the red base]

This map was created in 2006, then forgotten for nine years.
In 2015 Doctor Evil found his foul creation and decided to inflict it upon the world.

Installation instructions from the file Help\CTF-Escher2.txt:

Unzip to your main UT2004 directory (usually "c:\UT2004" on older computers; 
"c:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/unreal tournament 2004/" in Steam, etc.)
and the files should be unzipped automatically in the correct locations.


Help\CTF-Escher2.txt          - this help file

Maps\CTF-Escher2.ut2          - the map

Music\WonderfulLand.ogg       - music used in the map

System\CTF-Escher2.ucl        - map description
System\ConcussionRifle.u      - concussion rifle mutator
System\ConcussionRifle.int    - concussion rifle mutator

Textures\cf_mansion.utx       - texture package 
Textures\Crusader.utx         - texture package 
Textures\Escher.utx           - texture package 

This map is a continuing tribute to the artistic genius of Maurits Cornelis Escher.   There is some very seriously twisted Evil geometry in this map.

CTF-Escher2 tortures warp zones to their breaking point.

The red flag appears four times in the red flag base - as do any other players and bots. But there is actually only one flag there. One twisting side path leads to the gallery.

All exits lead to a cylindrical chamber where you can run up the sides and onto the ceiling - which is also the floor.   The left wall is also the right wall!

An infinite corridor crosses your path on the way to the blue flagbase. Then there are choices of entrances to the blue base. Some are direct, others wander through secret rooms with various powerups (super shield, redeemer, etc).

One corridor on the floor of the blue base leads to a hole in the ceiling directly above the flag, from which one can drop slowly onto the flag.

Good luck trying to navigate around this map!
Doctor Evil does love twisted geometry!

Cylinder of confusion, between the two flagbases
Cylinder of confusion, between the two flagbases
The battle on the floor can also be seen on the ceiling.

Download CTF-Escher2.zip   (9.0 MB)

Doctor Evil, Stardate 2015274.

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